How to Start a Successful Blog in 2021 : Complete Step by Step Guide

  1. How to Start a money Making  blog That Generates $4353 in a Month Start a Successful Blog in 2021 : Complete Step by Step Guide 
  2. So let's start from the requirement that what are the things needed to start a blog.
  3. Niche Selection - What is Niche selection , and how to select a good niche for a blog or website
  4. Keyword Research - How to Reasearch on Keywords for Good Results
  5. Domain
  6. Hosting : What is Web Hosting , Where to Buy Best on budgets Web Hosting
  7. where can I set up a Basic blog for free 
  8. Some Popular Platforms to Create A Free Blog –
  9. 2.
  10. How to create a free blog using WordPress - 
  11. Step 01 
  12. What Is Blogging About - How To Create An Internet Business With A Simple And Quick Step By Step Guide
  13. Choosing an excellent platform for blogging can really help you increase your visibility online. And generate more traffic for your blog. 
  14. Where To Buy Domain Names

How to Start a money Making  blog That Generates 53 in a Month Start a Successful Blog in 2021 : Complete Step by Step Guide 

So, First, I would like to know what is your purpose to Start blogging, there could be two possibilities either you want to make money from it or you want to give information others through your way.


Let me tell you 95% of people start blogging to make money online and some from them make money as well but that 5% who focus to give knowledge other those who gives value to others actually when they reach a good point and when they monetize their blog they earn at the best level.

And I would request you to come in that 5%, And I am sure you can come easily all you need focus consistency and persistent if you can follow it you can win it.

If you will give your 100% I make sure I will give my 200% to make you guys successful in blogging let’s do a promise to ourselves that in coming 90 days you will forget everything and be focused about the work. 

One Thing to remember Quality matters not quantity make sure the no of hours you are working will not matter but the amount of quality work that you are doing, in the end, it will matter.

So let’s start from the requirement that what are the things needed to start a blog.

  • STEP 01

Niche Selection – What is Niche selection , and how to select a good niche for a blog or website

How to select a niche for blogging, This is going to be a very important part select a niche in which you have an interest you can write content in that niche without getting bore. 

Do not copy any blogger because once you have selected your niche and later you are not able to post content on that you will lose your interest and this actually happens with a lot of bloggers I am also one of them.

And when you do niche selection in your interest the chances of getting success is higher

if you still confuse how to select a profitable niche for blogging then read this article here…………(for the idea)

  • STEP 02

Keyword Research – How to Reasearch on Keywords for Good Results

Once you have selected your niche now it’s time to research your keywords This again going to play an important role you can use so many tools for keyword research like Google keyword planner, Ahref, SEMrsh I would suggest you use SEMrush as you are here reading this here I bring 7 days free trial.

How to Use SEmrush for Keyword Research

  • Go the Top blogs of your niche and make a google paste there top 10 blogs of your niche-specific.
  • open SEMrush and check one by one all blogs how are they performing.
  • Now go to the keyword section and copy some low competitive keywords.
  •  make a sheet where you paste all your keywords by using the same method
  • once you reach a point where you have 100+ keywords 
  • Now select only 20 keywords so you could actually do focus on those first.

 Click Here to Read –

What is Semrush? Complete Review 2021

  • STEP 03


You need a domain I would suggest taking domain with .com extension don’t go for EMD (exact match domains) many people do this now actually it does not matter in SEO and whenever google updates come they hits first EMD website so I won’t suggest you to go with EMD domains.

Things to remember while buying  a domain

  1. The name should be easy and catchy ( easy to learn like times blogging it is very easy to learn)
  2. The domain name should not be a longer try to keep it short.
  3. The domain name shall give an idea about your niche blog.
  • STEP 04

Hosting : What is Web Hosting , Where to Buy Best on budgets Web Hosting

The domain works like your shop name now you need to buy space for your shop which is hosting more space means big shop where you can control a good number of people.

When your blog becomes popular and people statred coming into your blog for value and your blog started getting a good number of treffic ( In Terms of user) Then you actually required a good hosting.

Why Shall You Go With Good Hosting? Why It Matters?

 Note:- you can start your blog without money as well in blogger but there is a lot of lack of customization and other issues as well id you can’t invest even minimum amount on this then prefer this but I hardly recommend not to go with this. 

Before learning how to start a blog, know if blogging can make a good career?

If you think that a good career can be made by blogging, then yes, it is right that you can make a great career with blogging.

If you want to succeed in blogging, you need to work hard, and with the help of some smart work, you can start a good blogging career. And if you do blogging well, then you can earn a lot of money on it.

 If I can give you an example of some bloggers who started a small blog. 

After that, he earned good money by doing hard work and smart work, after which he devoted his whole life to blogging, and now they come in the category of India’s best bloggers!

If I tell you the average earnings of a good blogger, he earns about 15 to 20 lakhs in 1 month! And the incomes of many bloggers are more than that, and you can not think. 

So First We Are Going to Learn How to Setup a Basic Level Blog for free – 

Here is Complete Tutorial to Make A Free Blog using with Some free CMS Like WordPress , Wix And

So First We Are Going to Learn How to Setup a Basic Level Blog for free – 

where can I set up a Basic blog for free 

Friends, if you are interested in blogging and want to create your blog, but you do not have the budget. So it is not a matter of concern.Today, I am going to familiarize you with some platforms with the help of creating your free blog very quickly.

Friends, although you will find many such platforms on the internet, from which you can create free blogs, today, I will tell you a few special platforms which are used globally, and these platforms are very famous in making professional blogs.

So let’s know which one is such a platform, with the help of creating a free blog. Free means that you do not have to spend a single rupee or a dollar to do a zero investment project. 

where can I set up a Basic blog for free 
  • WordPress

WordPress is an old and well-known CMS (Content Management System) With the help of which you can create free and paid websites and blogs very quickly WordPress has created more than 75 million websites and blogs around the world. And in today’s time, people mostly use WordPress to create websites and blogs.If you are thinking of creating a blog with WordPress’s help, then there are two plans in it, so that you can continue with it if you want to.

Free or Premium –

WordPress Free Plan – In this plan, you will continue with WordPress, the only difference is that your domain and hosting costs are saved because it is included in this plan, just some of its terms and conditions.

In the free domain you get, you get the same subdomain of WordPress, like – You can not take the domain you want. Likewise, with its hosting, you also get the basic label features of basic ram and primary CPU and a database. This plan is great for new bloggers.

WordPress Premium Plan – Friends, in this plan, you can take your favorite domain while also taking hosting according to your need! The performance of the premium plan is better than the free plan.

Getting Started With WordPress

setup your blog for free

2. is an Israeli software company that helps you create websites and blogs. This is slightly different from WordPress. Because with its help, you can create websites and blogs in different ways. This Website has just come into trend, earlier it had very few users, but now it is trending after WordPress.

With the help of, you can create an HTML website, and apart from this, you can design a very cool blog using his drag and drop feature.

If you want, you can continue with the domain and hosting plan, if you’re going to proceed with a free blog, select the Free Plan.

In which you will find a blog of a subdomain of

like –

Getting Started With

3.blogger.comBlogger is a Google product that helps you create blogs for free! Friends, it was founded by Google. The was used when platforms like WordPress were not much developed and famous.

And people used to do online Earning with the help of

With this help, you can make basic level blogs very quickly. Just one of its features is that it ranks quickly on Google as it is a Google product, and most importantly, it is free, as it does not charge you any domain and hosting but, by giving to give subdomain. like – 

Getting Started with

Now you have known some popular platforms with which you can create free blogs and websites.

“Now let’s learn in detail the tutorials of all the three platforms how you can create blogs for free with the help of wordpress, wix and” 

How to create a free blog using WordPress – 

Getting Started with WordPress – if you want to make a blog with WordPress, follow some easy steps to Done Your Blog. 

Step 01 

Visit the official Website of WordPress. Click Here

Step 02

As soon as you reach the homepage of, you will see a button Start Your Website. You have to click on it. 

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Step 03 

As soon as you click on the Start your website button, you reach the registration page, now you have to fill your email id, username, and password in it, and click on “Create Your Account.”

And by clicking on Continue with Google below, you will be logged in directly with your Gmail account. 

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Step 04

After logging in, you will have an interface in which there will be search bars, in which you have to search your free domain, keep in mind that will be ad last in the free domain.

At the end of it, the option of already owned a domain will be coming. You will use that option when you are already bought a domain.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

Step 05

After searching the domain, you have to select it, but keep in mind that the domain you have chosen is free or not and whether or not is last. If not, then you have to pay for the domain.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

Step 06

After selecting the domain, you will try on the page with plans, friends, you can choose from here free and premium or plans according to your requirement but I will click on Start with free site because I want to create a free blog! Apart from free, all other plans are paid.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

Step 07 

Now you have reached the Dashboard in, from which you can manage the entire blog, put a template. You can apply the logo, even you can manage according to you.

A screenshot of a social media postDescription automatically generated

How to create a free blog or website using wix

how you can create an excellent free blog with the help of

Friends, if you do not know what is then above we have explained Wix .com in detail here, we will learn how to create a free blog or website using

There are some steps that you need to follow to create a blog and website with the help of 

Step 01 

In the first step, you have to go to Wix official website

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Step 02 

As soon as you reach the website of Wix, you will see a blue coloured button named Get Started on it. You have to click on it.

A close up of a logoDescription automatically generated

Step 03 

After clicking on the Get started button, you will be logged in and reached on the register page. There you have to create your account, or you can do direct login with Google and Facebook.

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Step 04

I login with Google, you can log in according to your own; you can use both Facebook or Google.

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Step 05

As soon as you log in, you will reach the dashboard of, but you can easily edit and manage your site! You will find many free videos on youtube that teach you with tutorials, and you have to search for how to create a free blog or website using Wix.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

how to create a free blog using blogger or blogspot

Friends, you probably already know what a blogger is, if you dont, I have given full information about blogger and Blogspot at the beginning of this article. Friends blogger is known as

So now we are going to know how to create a free blog using blogger or Blogspot for free through Google’s Free Product Blogger.

So let’s start, you do not have to pay any amount to make a blog for free, it is completely free! You have to follow some simple steps.

Step 01 

Friends, first, you have to go to Google’s official blogging website,

Step 02

As soon as you reach, you will see a button that says that Start your blog, and you have to click on that button.

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Step 03 

As soon as you click on Start Your Blog, after that, you will be signed in with an automatic with Google account.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

Step 04 

After signing in, you will see a new interface where you are being asked to fill the name of your blog, and then you have to enter the title of your blog there. And click on next. 

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

Step 05

After that step, you will be asked to enter the address. The address is the idea that you have to select the name of your .blogspot domain. I will use blog4youorai, for example. You can fill your own.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

Step 06 

Now blogger will be asked to fill the display name, and then you have to put the name of your blog on it! And have to finish it.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

Step 07

As soon as you click on Finish, you get to the Blogger Dashboard. Where you can manage your entire blog! You can write posts, apply themes and monetize ads.

A screenshot of a social media postDescription automatically generated

How to Start A Professional Blog As A Career

Many people wonder how to make a career in blogging because they do not know exactly what it takes to start their own blogging career. Some of these questions are so common that the answer is always found on the first page of a basic website guide, but the more serious and complicated questions can be difficult to answer. The good news is that if you are serious about making a career in blogging, you are already ahead of the game and can begin today. You do not have to worry about finding someone else to blog for because all you need is an internet connection and a desire to write.

You will find that the blogging world is very competitive. If you are serious about how to make a career in blogging, you will want to do everything you can to get your name out there so that you can be accepted for jobs and eventually be able to quit your day job blog full time. Many different blogs are available online that you can use for your marketing efforts. These sites usually charge a fee, and some of them will let you make money on your articles or other blog content. This allows you to have a good income source while not having to worry about writing every single post yourself.

Several websites on the internet will help you learn the basics of how to make a career in blogging, and you will want to use these sites as a way to learn how to start making money from blogging for yourself. Once you have learned how to use these sites correctly, you can use them to start promoting your own blogs on behalf of others that also want to make a good living using the internet. When you make money with blogging, it is easy to stay motivated, and you will find that you will be able to stay focused and keep posting because you want to. Just remember that you have to have a passion for writing if you are going to make a success out of blogging, and that will give you a good base of income that is sustainable.

If you want to make a career in blogging itself, you need to spend a little money, Because you cannot make a good career by creating a free blog, with the help of free blogs, you can create a basic level blog, with the help of which you can learn about How to start blogging. 

You have to remember a few points to start blogging. So let’s learn how to create a professional blog, so let’s go step by step.

So first of all we need to know what is a blog, What is Blogging?

And how to earn by blogging?

What Is Blogging About – How To Create An Internet Business With A Simple And Quick Step By Step Guide

A blog is an informative or discussion site on the Internet consisting of short, often informal text-based posts. Posts are usually displayed in either reverse chronological order or alphabetical order, so the latest post appears at the very top of the page. This is the reason that blogs usually show up first in searches. Most people will not have ever seen a blog, but it can be useful to some because it is an avenue for social interaction and sharing.

When you create your own blog, there are three main things that you need to take into consideration. You need to decide what you want to blog about. For example, do you want to blog about your hobbies? If so, then you will want to pick something that interests you. Also, make sure that you choose a topic that is easy to explain.

Once you have decided which topics you would like to blog about, you need to decide how you will make sure that your blog looks nice. This is where templates come in handy. You will be able to use free blogging software such as WordPress to make your blog look as good as possible.

When you blog, make sure that you write in a readable and easy-to-read style. There are many blog sites where you can choose from pre-made styles and themes. If you are using a template, make sure that you change it to match your blog. You may also want to add a title tag so that readers will know that they are reading your blog.

After you have written your blog, make sure that you update it often. Many blog sites offer RSS feeds to keep the content fresh and up to date. You can also add a comment section to keep readers interested in what you are blogging about. Make sure that you always give your readers an incentive to come back to your blog by giving them valuable information.

It is also essential to make sure that you don’t put too much information on your blog. Readers tend to lose interest if they are reading too much material. If you find yourself doing this, consider either turning down comments and posting more frequently or putting links and text within the body of your posts that people can leave behind with their own commentary.

Once you have created your own blog, make sure you keep it updated. People will probably visit your blog more often if they are happy with what they see and read, so keep it current.

Don’t forget to monetize your blog, as well. Some blogs will allow you to place ads on your blog, and some will not, so make sure that you check out each blog before you place your advertisements on it.

Once you have decided how you are going to make money on your blog, it’s time to put everything together. It is not always necessary for you to hire an SEO specialist to get you the best results.

One of the best things you can do is do a Google search for keywords and try to rank them on search engines. This will bring you traffic and make you a top ranking on the search engine results.

Finally, make sure that you keep track of where your visitors come from and what they see on your blog. This will help you decide whether or not you should focus more on targeting these visitors. 

Brief Discription Of Blog And Blogging –

  1.  What is Blog?

Friends blog is such a platform on an internet where all your questions are answered, like what is ….. . But each blog has its own topic, what information is the blog giving to you? Just like there are many blogs on the internet where information related to education is posted.

Suppose like you have searched on Google – how to reduce the weight, then this is a question that you have Asked from Google, then Google will show you some web results where you will find the topics you are getting from this question, on any blog. You can easily get free information by clicking any Web Pages.

  1. What is Blogging?

When you search any query on the Internet, Google gives you many web results in front of them, which also include the answers to your query! Google’s job is to give you the results! Such bloggers are there, they reach the information to Google and Google sends it to you!

First of all, let us know what are bloggers? Friends bloggers make a website on their internet and write many articles in it which give usefull information to the people.

Such websites or blogs which give necessary and useful information, we call them blogs and those people who write articles on those blogs are called blogging! And those who are constantly engaged in this work, writing articles and managing such blogs, we know them as bloggers.

What are the requirements and Important Steps to start a career in blogging.  

11 Steps For Blogging: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

  • Steps 1. Select Your Blogging Niche
  • Step 2. Choose Your CMS (Blogging Platform) 
  • Step 3. Choose Your Blog Name 
  • Step 4. Create A Logo For Your Blog 
  • Step 5. Choose Catchy Domain Name , How to Buy Domain 
  • Step 6. Purchase A Hosting Package About Your Requirements , how to Buy and where to Buy hosting
  • Step 7. Setup Your Blog , Installing CMS 
  • Step 8. Create Your Blog Pages (Home , Categories , Contact Us , About Us , Privacy Policy)
  • Step 9. Keyword Research 
  • Step 10. Write Blogs Article 
  • Step 11. Prmote Your Blog Content. 
  1. How To Select A Niche For Blogging

Choosing a niche for blogging can be difficult. There are so many blogs on the Internet that it can be hard to find one you can use as your own. However, it can be easier to find one niche that has more traffic than others because that will give you more of an advantage.

The most important thing to do before choosing a blog to write about is to figure out what you’re going to write about. Decide exactly what it is you want to discuss in your blog. Do you want to write about personal experiences, the news, politics, or anything else? Once you have decided on your niche, it will be easier to narrow it down to one that works.

It might also help to choose a few different niches so that you don’t get overwhelmed and have too many blogs to choose from. This way, you can easily select which niche you’ll stick to for your blogs and which ones you can get away with writing about less.

Once you’ve decided on your niche, you need to find a blog that fits that niche. If you’re trying to sell things, look for a blog that discusses buying and selling products online. If you’re looking to talk about a specific topic, like psychology, search for a blog that focuses on psychology.

The best thing to do to make sure that you find a blog that fits your niche is to look for blogs similar to yours. If there is a popular topic or type of blog in another niche that you are interested in, start a blog related to that topic. If you want to write about the same things but on a different niche, look for blogs written by professionals who are knowledgeable about the topics you are writing about. They will know the information you need to write about.

It’s also a good idea to note the blog that seems to have been the most successful in the past. You’ll want to try and use that blog as a reference when you start your own blog. You can use the success of a particular blog as a good indicator of the success that your own blog will have. If you see that the blog was successful in the past, you’ll know that it should be successful.

Once you’ve found a blog that you think you’ll attract several readers to, it’s time to get started. Finding the perfect blog may require a bit of effort on your part, but the result will be worth it.

There are different ways to attract readers to your blog. One way is to write about a particular topic, create a niche around it, and then market your blog in that niche.

Another way to draw more readers to your blog is to create backlinks to it from other blogs. It doesn’t have to be too many, but it should be something. Having links from several other blogs in your niche, or from popular sites that you are interested in, will help get people interested in your blog and bring you more traffic.

Many people are still surprised to learn that it isn’t always necessary to create a blog just to be able to blog. One reason why some people get discouraged when they don’t know how to choose a blogging niche is that it takes time to set up a blog. You can save a lot of time by getting someone else to set up your blog for you.

Some companies are willing to host a blog for you for a fee. They may charge a fee for setting up the blog, but at least you won’t have to worry about it, and they can help you out with making sure that your blog works.

A final option is to find a blog that you want to share with others. Many bloggers will share their blogs with others who aren’t interested in doing so. This gives them a chance to promote their own blogs to readers who have a different interest than their own.

  •  Choose A CMS For Your Blog (Blogging Platform)

Choosing an excellent platform for blogging can really help you increase your visibility online. And generate more traffic for your blog. 

 How To Choose A Good Blogging Platform – 

Shortly, many blogs will be run on platforms for blogging. Most blogging platforms are developed for users with different features and customizable settings. WordPress is seen to be a top-rated platform for a blog that comes with a lot of unique features. Though WordPress has a pretty simple learning curve, it’s still very flexible towards beginners as well as experts.

One of the main reasons for creating platforms for blogging is to increase the value of your blog in terms of search engine results. When you put more effort into making your blog user-friendly, you can quickly draw more attention to it. These platforms are mainly developed to cater to bloggers and internet marketers who want to create a personal presence on the web.

Another great benefit that these platforms offer is that they can be very easily customized. Blogs can also be updated using WordPress themes that are available free of charge on the website itself. With these themes, you will not only be able to customize your blog but also add content from other sources like RSS feeds or files.

The best thing about these platforms for blogging is that there are many free platforms out there. If you’re looking for ways to create a blog, you should try to look for a platform for blogging. Some of these sites even allow users to upload files and share files, among other things.

Blogging platforms also help you manage your blogs and manage your readership. You can easily manage your blog’s RSS feed or post comments on articles or posts.

An excellent platform for blogging must be flexible in terms of design and the number of posts you can make each month. You should also check if the platform allows you to upload multiple pictures into your blog. There are several platforms for blogging that come with a lot of features, and the basic features can be easily integrated into your blogs without too much trouble.

It would help if you also looked into the platform of your choice for a few things. A platform for blogging that lets you keep track of your readership is a plus because you can easily follow up on your subscribers by checking their blogs or even asking them if they want to hear more of your blog.

Also, it’s important to make sure that your blog runs efficiently and that it loads fast. Since readers will eventually visit your blog from search engines, you need to make sure that it loads quickly to attract more traffic.

Finally, it would help if you considered how your platform for blogging would provide you with a forum to interact with other users. It would be best if you also looked into whether the platform offers blogs in different languages. This will help you get more exposure in a variety of styles that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

An excellent platform for blogging will also help you to publish posts from anywhere in the world. Since most blogs are localized, you don’t have to worry about readers from other parts of the world, with the help of these platforms.

Finally, a platform for blogging is also the platform where your readers go if they need answers or support from the blogger. This is where the blogger can provide solutions for queries or concerns they may have.

“So , WordPress is the Best Platform for Blogging and the bloggers.”

  • How to Chatchy Blog Name

The most important thing in blogging is naming your blog. It plays a significant role in blogging! If your blog’s name is more unique or catchy, then the impression of your blog will be better because, by the name of your blog, people will understand which niche your blog is from.

  • Create A Logo – How to Create A Logo For Your Blog

Craeting a Logo For Blog Site

With the popularity of blogs increasing at an exponential rate, it is important that you have an online presence to support it. One way you can do this is by creating a website for your blog and using a graphic designer or two to design your logo. It is essential that your company name is displayed on the website, and a logo designed that matches that particular brand or image is very important.

There are a couple of ways you can go about finding out how to make a logo for the blog site. First, you can look on the Internet and find some free design templates that you can use to design a logo. The problem is that many of these free sites are extremely low-quality, so be sure to check out the site with caution before downloading any graphics. It’s best to go with a site that has already been used by someone else who will give you quality artwork to use.

Another good source of information and ideas for how to create a logo for the blog site is to take a look through a directory that deals solely with this topic. You will have access to hundreds of design samples, as well as examples of various logos. You will also have the added bonus of being able to share your logo with other people on the Internet.

Once you have created a website and found a good designer for your blog site, you should take the time to plan the layout. When planning how to make a logo for the blog site, it is essential that the graphics match the theme of your website as well as your brand name. If you are using a company name that represents your industry, you should also have a logo or symbol for that company on your blog site to reflect its image.

After your website has been designed and you have had it tested with a small sample group of visitors, it is time to take a look at how to make a logo for the blog site. Again, check out the design samples available. Take some time to go over the samples and get a feel for how the designer will be working with you.

You will also want to look at how the designer handles deadlines when you are designing you how to make a logo for the blog site. They should be willing to work closely with you to make sure that the finished product is exactly what you had in mind and that they are able to meet your expectations. Take the necessary time to ensure that your company name and image are properly represented.

  • How to Choose Catchy Domain Name , How to Buy Domain

Choosing a catchy domain name for your website is very important, and if you want to get it right then, you need to pay special attention to the domain that you select. It’s a good idea to write down a list of potential domain names that you might like to see but don’t include any that you’re really uncomfortable with, as this will only make matters worse.

Take the time to look at all of the available domain extensions out there and find out what sort of traffic the name is attracting. You’ll have to be careful not to include words or phrases that are popular among online users. A catchy domain name might sound catchy, but it could actually mean nothing to the person who is trying to figure out what you have to say online.

Once you have a few ideas for domain names, you should look around for domains that are similar in some way. If a company is promoting a product that you think is good, it might be worthwhile to have the website associated with this name instead of using your signature.

Don’t forget to include keyword phrases in your domain name. These are the words or phrases that people will type into search engines to find information about a product or service, and you don’t want to be left behind when people start typing in your name to see what they’re looking for.

When you’re choosing your domain name, try not to include too many keywords because if you do, then people won’t be able to locate what they are looking for easily. They may also not be able to find it on the first couple of searches.

Once you have your domain name, all you have to do is start putting it to use on your website. Don’t waste time on domain extensions; just let it be called something catchy, and people will come to see you through it. Once you get a list of catchy domain names, make sure you research each one thoroughly to make sure it is something that people will find useful.

It can be tempting to use your domain name only for a couple of months or years before it expires, but this is something you must never do. Always remember that domain extensions can be used for various purposes, including getting new business through search engines, so make sure the domain name you choose is going to be a long-term option.

Another thing to remember is to choose a domain name that isn’t too long. People are not used to seeing websites with long domain extensions, so it might seem like you’re taking them for granted.

Once you have found a catchy domain name for your website, all you have to do is to begin using it regularly and watch your website’s results. You’ll soon start to see an increase in visitors, and you’ll start to get a lot more business.

Where To Buy Domain Names

When you are in the market for your website’s domain names, you may feel like the only choice available is to pay through the nose for a premium name. If you have been looking for an option that will not break your budget, some options can be found for your needs at the right price.

In addition to having the ability to purchase a domain name through one of the large name registrars, there are other options for buying domain names. One of the most common alternatives to use is to purchase a name from one of the free domain name registrars. These registrars will offer you the ability to register a name for free or for a set fee. You should make sure you know which type of registration is right for your needs before making a final decision.

Some companies will offer you a free domain name and domain host to purchase the account and domain hosting from them. This is a great way to save a little money on the registration fees, while also being able to have your name registered. However, if you purchase the account and domain hosting from these companies, it is important to make sure you understand how much hosting and maintenance they will provide for your site. While this is not a requirement, it is often something that can greatly affect the amount of traffic your website receives.

A great place to get domain names is to look into the domain auctions on the Internet. These auctions can allow you to purchase domain names at a fraction of their actual value. However, if you are buying from a new company, you may not be able to get the domain names you desire. Therefore, it is essential to do your research to determine if the company you are dealing with has a good reputation in the domain auction community. After all, it is your business, and you want to ensure that the site is going to be easy to use and functional.

Another option that is gaining popularity as more businesses use their websites is to buy domain names through domain auctions through third-party registrars. These companies offer you the ability to register domains, and even the ability to purchase domain names, and the domain hosting accounts, as well as the domains themselves for a price that you can afford. Many people prefer to buy domain names and domain hosting through these companies because they do not require you to pay for the accounts or hosting unless you need it. This eliminates the hassle and can save you money. While the cost may be slightly higher than purchasing the domain name from a third-party company, it is often less than what you would pay from a large name registrar.

With the variety of options available today, finding where to buy domain names is easy. You can find the best deals and services by using the Internet, conducting your research on the companies in your area, and checking out the reputation of the companies you are interested in.

  • Purchase A Hosting Package 

The Most Important thing for a blog is hosting. Without good hosting, you cannot start a blog. So now we first know how to buy hosting from the wich hosting provider. Friends, although many companies provide very cheap hosting, cheap hosting is for those bloggers who start a basic level blog. 

  • Where to Purchase

Now I will tell you about some company that gives you the best server and best support along with cheap hosting, here is the idea of ​​cheap,

 if you buy hosting from our referrals, then only you will get cheap, otherwise if you and If you buy from anywhere or direct, you will not get any discount. Once you have found a hosting plan, you need to choose how you want to use the service. If you are going to use it for all of your different web pages, you may want to consider using a free service that will allow you to use them in different ways.

Top 3 Most Popular And Best Hosting Provider  You Need to Know 

  1. Hostinger
  2. Hostgator
  3. BlueHost
  • How to Purchase Hosting in Cheap Price 
  • Setup Your Blog, Installing CMS (WordPress)

Now it’s about to install and publish your blog.

To install your blog, first of all, you have to install CMS, and we will create your blog using WordPress, then first you have to go to the C-PANEL of your hosting and go to SoftClass Installer and select WordPress. Before that remember that you have connected the domain, and hosting, logo, and naming of the blog.

So once you create your blog, please verify that you have followed six steps of 11 steps in our article. If you have completed all the tasks for six steps, then you can move forward.

How to Install WordPress in Hostinger?

How to install WordPress in Hostinger is a good question and this article will show you how to make it happen for you. This is how the WordPress community has integrated WordPress into Hostinger.

Hostinger is one of the best hosted service provider in Poland. It’s also a very popular open source CMS. The biggest advantage is that it’s used by millions of users around the world. So as you can imagine, there is a huge demand for WordPress in Hostinger.

WordPress is really simple and easy to set up, and you don’t have to know much about coding or web hosting. All you need is a good WordPress tutorial or a WordPress plugin to install and then you’re on your way. This was the biggest problem for WordPress developers as they tried to use hosting providers who would not allow WordPress to be installed on their servers.

It’s really important to get WordPress in Hostinger installed before you get started. It’s not a complicated web server but it does need some tweaking. There are many WordPress plugins out there that are easy to install. You can start with a simple WordPress plugin to get the WordPress system working first.

You can also use WordPress in Hostinger if you’re using a free hosting provider like Google. Then once your account gets activated with Hostinger, you can go on to install a custom WordPress based installation and configure it exactly like you want.

WordPress is a great product for anyone looking to take control of their website and start earning money online. Just follow the steps given in this article and you’re on your way.

The first step that you need to do in order to install WordPress in Hostinger is to download a WordPress plugin from the website and install it on your server. There is a very simple tutorial for this on the website and you can also find other WordPress plugins online.

The second step is to install WordPress in Hostinger and start configuring the installation. There are many instructions on the WordPress website that will walk you through this process step by step. You can even create a blog with WordPress to begin with and then add your website and plugins later. and just add more plugins as your site grows.

The last thing that you need to do is to install the WordPress plugin that you downloaded and then configure it. Once done, you’re all set.

WordPress has been integrated into Hostinger as part of a bundle that includes a custom blog along with an ecommerce shopping cart. If you use the tutorial or a WordPress plugin, you can set up a complete store without having to install any of the other plugins.

Follow these Easy Steps to Install WordPress On Your Hosting / Cpanel. 

STEP 01 

First, you log in to your hosting account. We use Hostinger Hosting. So We log into Hostinger’s site.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated


As soon as you log into your hostinger’s account.  After that, you have to access the c-panel of the hosting! And want to log in.


After logging into CPanel, you will be reached in the dashboard of the c-panel. Then, you have to go to Applications and search for Softaculous apps installer And click on it.


As soon as you reach the softaculous apps installer, then you will see the wordpress installer, you have to click on it.


In the next step, when you click on WordPress, the installer of WordPress will open, where you have to choose the protocol and domain name of your site, the domain should be in your hosting.

After that, you have to fill your username, password, and email.

Step 06 

After filling all the information, you have to choose themes and plugins and then click on Finish.

Now you will have an interface in which the WordPress installation process will be seen.

Congratulations, WordPress was installed successfully

WordPress has been successfully installed at:

Administrative URL:

We hope the installation process was easy.

We have successfully installed WordPress in Hostinger.

  • Create Your Blog Pages (Home , Blog, Categories , Contact Us , About Us , Privacy Policy)

After setting up the WordPress blog, you have to create 5 – 6 pages in your blog which are required! These pages are made on almost all websites and blogs on the Internet.

  • Let’s know about those 5 and 6 pages –

Home Page , Blog , Categories , Contact Us , About Us , Privacy Policy

  • Home Page – The home page is the main page of your website, also known as the front page! When a user comes to your website, he visits the homepage directly.

  • Blog – Blog page is an important page of your website, on this page all the articles of your website are shown.
  • Categories- Categories are a page on your website where all the blogs of your website are placed in different categories. As such, articles related to education are placed in the group of education. Similarly, all materials of news are collected in the news category.  All the articles come on the blog page, but they are Randomly shown! With the help of category, you can see the article of Particular Topic together.
  • Contact Us – Contact US website has an important page, with the help of this page, your audience can contact you, in which there is a contact form, in which your user reaches you by writing their email id and problem.
  • About Us – The About Us page is also an essential page for the website and blog. On this page, it is told that the topic your website is working on and what services this website is offering.  Complete information about your work and yourself is posted on this page.

  • Privacy Policy – The privacy policy page is the most important page of the blog; without this page, Google AdSense does not allow you to approve. Because on this page, it is said that we take and keep all the data of the users who are coming on our website, and we do not take any data because we, the users, and the data of the subscriber Keep it safe.

Note  – “I hope that after giving you such valuable information, you will make these pages.”

9.Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the essential parts of blog and SEO  For running a successful online blog successfully with any online blog you need to do some keyword research properly and good and useful keyword research is necessary. To get a better result of your investment. 

Proper keyword research, you need to get it the right first time. The key to doing it right is through knowing the competition and the keywords they are using.

Now I am telling you some free tools with the help of which you can check keyword research and SEO quality of your site for free!

1. SmallSeotools

2. SeoSiteCheckup

3. KeywordTracker

There are many more free tools! Which you can search on Google – free SEO tools. You will find many free tools. 

10. How to Writter Blog Articles 

How to Write Blog Article, And Getting Traffic

Blog writing is one of the best ways to promote your business, especially when you want to know how to write a blog article. There are several things you should know to ensure that you will be able to write articles successfully.

Blogs are trendy nowadays. Almost every single day, a person visits their favorite sites. It is also possible to get traffic on your blog through different methods. Many people use article marketing as a way of generating traffic to their blogs. It’s a common method, and many blogs are using it to generate traffic to their blogs.

The first thing you need to consider when learning how to write a blog article is that you must be updated with the latest trends. You have to be very familiar with the various trends in the online market to be able to write useful articles about it. You have to be very updated to create exciting content on your blog that will help you in getting more visitors to visit your site.

There are many different types of blogs, which include news sites, discussion groups, and blogs. You must understand how these different types of blogs work to write informative articles about them effectively. It is not enough that you write about the topic but also tell readers how to do it. This is important because you need to convince your readers that you know what they need to do.

An important thing you should do is write an introduction to your blog. This will allow you to introduce your blog to the readers. You have to provide exciting information about the blog and why it is important. You also have to tell them about the purpose of the blog. This will allow your readers to know what type of information you are providing.

It is important to take note that you are going to write an article on every type of blog. Even if you don’t know how to write a blog article, you can learn. There are numerous books, websites, and ebooks available online that will give you tips on how to write blog articles.

You have to make sure that the content that you will be using on your blog is relevant to the topic that you are discussing. You also have to make sure that you have all the correct information on your blog You don’t have to create content that will only get rejected by Google. This means that you must be careful with your writing because of your blog content.

When you want to know how to write a blog article, remember that if you do not write good content, your blog will be unsuccessful in getting visitors. You have to make sure that your blog is informative, original, and relevant. If it is not informative, then it will not attract visitors to your blog. So, when you learn how to write a blog article, start writing articles as soon as possible, and you can increase your traffic to your blog in no time.

As you write articles on your blog, you must remember that it is not enough that you include keywords in your blog. You also have to be consistent. You have to make sure that the keyword you are using for your blog article is the one that will be found in Google’s search results.

If you want to know how to write a blog article, you have to include pictures in your blog posts. This way, it will give visitors a sense of excitement about visiting your blog. You can also add videos as this will help attract more visitors to your blog.

You have to remember that you should be consistent in everything that you are doing on your blog. If you want to learn how to write a blog article, you must first learn the basics before you start trying to write blog posts on your own.

11. Content Marketing

Blogpost marketing is one of the most effective ways of doing content marketing on the internet. This involves the blog posting of content articles in the form of blog posts, the syndication of the same, and the submission to other directories. You can promote your blogs through pay per click advertising by participating in Google’s AdWords service. You can also use other popular search engine services such as Yahoo!

Article marketing is beneficial because it allows you to target specific audiences with very specific content. This means that you will get more targeted traffic from search engines. It would help if you always tried to get as much relevant information as possible from your content. Therefore, you should add as much useful information to the article as possible, even if it means breaking it down into paragraphs or chunks.

There are other aspects of article marketing that you have to consider when trying to understand how to do content marketing effectively. One aspect is the importance of using keywords in your content. Keywords are words or terms that people type into Google searches to find related information. Search engines can index these keywords and rank them according to their relevancy to display them in search results.

Once you have mastered the necessary steps involved in search engine optimization techniques, it will be easier for you to take the next step and start to monetize your site. You can do this through pay per click advertising (PPC) advertising, link exchanges, banner ads, social media advertising, classified ads, paid ads, link exchange networks, and other paid search advertising campaigns.

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