Kinsta Hosting Review 2021 , Plans Or Pricing , Features


Today, we’re taking a glance at a managed WordPress hosting service with a pointy reputation – Kinsta. Launched in 2013, Kinsta was the brainchild of a gaggle of WordPress experts unimpressed with the WordPress hosting solutions on the market. Today, it’s one of the fastest-growing WordPress hosts in Europe and America. Kinsta is all about managing to host for WordPress. The keyword there’s “managed,” as in, all of the hosting and server setups is taken care of for you.

It’s a cloud-based service repose on top of the Google Cloud Platform. Therefore the servers are fast, and redundancy is made in. There’s a support team consistent with the marketing claims, a minimum of fully fluent in WordPress, just in case you would like some help.


Kinsta is that the grail of WordPress hosting. It’s fast, it’s pretty, and it can make your wallet reconsider its life choices. The most cost-effective Kinsta plan costs quite the most cost-effective Hostinger plan.

However, Kinsta offers managed hosting services, whereas Hostinger’s cheapest plan is for its shared hosting services. Also, Kinsta only runs WordPress but provides much value to your money. For context, Kinsta is charging ₹2214 per month for his or her cheapest plan, while Hostinger only charges ₹73.06. For the cash that Kinsta is charging, it’s expected excellent WordPress hosting.



features of kinsta hosting

  1. Managing Part:

Kinsta wants to be your website’s overbearing helicopter parent. This management approach won’t be so great for people, but it’s fantastic for websites and most dogs. All plans accompany website uptime checks every 2 minutes, guaranteeing that it’ll fix your website if it gets hacked, and automatic server scaling.

Also, there are many WordPress-specific tools, a dashboard for managing multiple sites directly, detailed site statistics, and analytics, but no cPanel. The sole CMS you’ll run is WordPress, so that is predicted.

Resource-wise, the Starter plan comes with one website, 10GB of disc space, and enough bandwidth for an estimated 20,000 monthly visitors.

This is often an incredible start, and Kinsta is sweet about helping you create the foremost of your resources.

The higher-tier plans offer you more websites and more resources, up to a maximum of 20 websites, 400,000 visits, 50GB of space. Aside from that, all plans are identical.

There’s no “secret boost” that’s only available with the more advanced plans and no weird pricing tier system where you’ve got to buy belongings you don’t need to urge the one feature you are doing require. (Nearly all shared hosting services use this tactic, constantly hiding the most specific features behind paywalls and upgrades. It’s not cool.)


But it’s worth reiterating that Kinsta is not any shared hosting service. Not in the least. It’s wholly cloud-based and runs its optimized server technology. As such, its premium pricing comes with almost everything you’ll need. There’s no got to weasel extra money out of you when you’re already paying tons.


As expected from a premium service, you get SSL certificates automatically. SSL makes sure that everything your users do on your site is encrypted, which is best for security, good for avoiding lawsuits, and even suitable for an SEO bump from Google. There’s no downside to the present.


You get fully automatic daily backups by default, and you’ll make your backups on demand whenever you wish. This is often a feature that ought to be included by default with every host, but it’s not.


Performance-improving caching options also are included, so static websites can go from heavy to minimized in no time, consuming less of your resources and loading faster for visitors.


  1. Global Google Cloud Data Centers:


Old school hosts (i.e., 99% of hosts) maintain their data centers or lease out space in an existing data center. This wont to work pretty much, but hardware gets old fast, and today, most shared hosts provide hosting on top of machines from the first 2010s at best, and therefore the late 2000s at the worst.


Just a reminder for us adults: that’s 20-year-old hardware. It’s almost sufficiently old to drink the US and many enough old to drink anywhere else. This might explain why hardware that old starts to form terrible decisions.


Not just that, most hosts only operate 2-3 data center locations, usually within the US West Coast and within the Netherlands, sometimes also in Singapore. Meaning that faraway visitors – and let’s be honest, California is super distant from NY – will be treated to slow speeds and at the wrong time.

Kinsta doesn’t maintain its data centers but instead uses Google’s state-of-the-art, super-performing cloud data centers to deal with its WordPress platform. Meaning you not only get the most superficial, newest hardware to power your project, but you’ve got dozens of choices regarding server locations.


Kinsta has 7 US datacenters and a complete of 24 global ones. Zurich, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Taiwan, and more are all available, making Kinsta the most spartan possible host for audiences in those areas.


  1. Own CDN:


A CDN is also referred to as a Content Delivery Network, maybe a system that will take reserved copies of your website and convey them to even more data centers so that you’ll cash in of quite one server location at a time.

While many hosts will allow you to integrate your site with a third-party CDN, it’s usually Cloudflare, and it’s usually the free plan. That presents you with some considerable limits unless you distribute the cash for Cloudflare’s better plans. Kinsta’ss own CDN is fast and included within the price you’re already paying.


  1. Auto-scaling CPU and RAM Keeps Your Site browsing High Traffic:


A cloud platform’s beauty is that it can quickly scale resources to satisfy growing demand. Kinsta auto-scales your CPU and RAM, rather than arbitrarily limiting it, meaning that if your project finishes up requiring more power, or if you’re enjoying a visitor barrage, your website is going to be ready to handle the traffic.


Other hosts crash or send you an email saying, “pay much more, and perhaps your hosting plan can handle the traffic.” With them, it rarely does.


To match, the utmost amount of RAM you’ll get from Kinsta is estimated to be around ten times what competitors provide. And that, folks, is that the difference between a WooCommerce store that handles dozens of simultaneous visitors and causes you to plenty of cash and one that crashes and makes a couple of measly sales a month, with on the brink of no returning customers.




Kinsta may be a costly service. If you’re wont to regular shared hosting, which sells for around $1-10 a month, we’re talking about increasing the worth 3-30 times. However, that cash goes somewhere.

Value-for-money-wise is often a service far above the competition. Liquid Web is that the only other benefit that comes close is also costly, albeit slightly cheaper than Kinsta.

There’s no funny pricing tier – you’ll pay monthly or yearly and obtain a slight discount annually. They can only make payments with credit cards (and all the standard suspects like Visa and Mastercard are here), but no fraud detection system creates your life miserable.



pros or kons of kinsta hosting

Kinsta’s edge lies within the fact its hosting services are powered by Google Cloud’s premium network, a worth proposition so intriguing that we couldn’t resist putting Kinsta to the test.

Amongst a robust laundry list of advantages, Kinsta promises lightning-speed hosting, next-gen infrastructure, and excellent customer service. Kinsta has also recently rebranded to a sleek and user-friendly version of itself and looks better than ever.



Kinsta hosting uses the Google Cloud Platform, and you get many of the advantages of cloud hosting without many downsides.



A hosting account is often tons of things to your business, but a hosting server’s core function is to serve your website files whenever someone requests them. But – the implied adverb there’s to help those files quickly.

In an age of worldwide audiences and multi-device connections, speed matters quite ever. While tons of variables live with the website speed, it’s essentially your hosting server’s job to convey the requested files to the visitor’s browser as instantly and as efficiently as possible.

So here’s the thing – Kinsta uses equivalent servers that you use to access and With Kinsta, as long as they’re configured well, they’re getting to be faster.

Additionally, with server-side caching, your WordPress website will be able to go. Now, there are still many issues that will slow your site down, but they likely won’t be Kinsta’s fault.



With the Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta also offers data centers worldwide. They need pretty 23 at the time of writing, starting from Iowa to Southeast Asia and everywhere in between. Their CDN runs on a worldwide CDN network (KeyCDN) also, so website assets are often staged on the brink of any website visitor within the world. It’s rare and expensive to create & maintain data centers worldwide, so using Google’s infrastructure provides a plus that a standard hosting company can’t match.



Remember the last time Google went down? Yes, it happens sometimes. And when it happens, it’s a noteworthy event. With Kinsta, meaning that your site isn’t getting to go down outside of a nasty configuration on their part unless Google goes down.

Consistent performance and reliability are the most advantages of Kinsta since they will take Google Cloud and make it convenient and WordPress-friendly for regular customers.

You can attend Google and check-in for cloud hosting yourself. Setting up and running a database-driven CMS with integrated file storage takes some…patience and money. It’s not an easy one-click WordPress install. Also, Google doesn’t provide support or configuration help. So, still a substantial advantage for Kinsta.


Configuration, Focus, and Usability:

Kinsta built their dashboard from scratch. Their signup is straightforward and easy.

They specialize in WordPress, and a straightforward plan structure also makes onboarding (i.e., going from replacement signup to active customer) clear. The planning is uncluttered, minimalist, and well-designed.


User-friendly Add-on Tools:

While Kinsta doesn’t have all the tools that traditional hosts make available, they are doing bundle several critical tools to running a quick, effective website.



Kinsta provides website migration services to its platform. It is often confusing enough, moving an existing WordPress website from one shared hosting account to a different one. But moving it to a managed cloud place can create all types of hiccups. It’s a free service that might typically cost many dollars with a WordPress consultant.


Developer and Agency Tools

Kinsta provides various developer and agency tools that each sound either too dull or technical until you would like them and use them. They have well-implemented essentials like built-in staging and user administration so that developers can build client sites and retain with no hiccups or maverick acceptance processes.

Additionally, they need SSH access, WP-CLI, and permit different versions of PHP. But the only exciting piece on behalf of me is that the indisputable fact that they don’t lock customers into one WordPress configuration AND they’ll support non-traditional setups like reverse-proxy configurations.

As an SEO consultant, configurations’ flexibility is critical for working with large clients who want WordPress for their blog…but not their leading site. It makes an enormous content marketing sell much simpler since developer time is often outsourced to Kinsta.


Customer Support

Most customer support stories are either bad or good. It’s the one-star vs. five-star problem. As I’ve said in most of my hosting reviews, I attempt to see if the corporate treats customer support as a price center, a profit center, or an investment center.

Based on how they’ve integrated their knowledge domain throughout their dashboard (rather than stashing it somewhere), and therefore the indisputable fact that they’ve grown their team mainly with support team around the world – it looks like they’ve deemed customer support as an investment center.

And that’s an honorable thing if you’re a customer. You recognize they aren’t looking to form a buck off you or push you off. Instead, they’re trying to develop goodwill and increase word of mouth. Kinsta’s main “thing” is customer support since it makes their whole production run.



Like any web host, Kinsta has disadvantages. There are many Kinsta complaints online. But remember that just like the pros, these are beat the context of your goals & priorities. Thereupon said, I found the cons while using Kinsta Hosting.

kinsta hosting review


Kinsta is expensive. No matter how you measure it – by WordPress installs, visits allowed, storage allocated, indirect competitor pricing, indirect competitor pricing – Kinsta goes to be competitive but still the expensive option.

WP Engine is its most direct competitor. Kinsta does have more intermediate plans, but WP Engine features a pricing setup that will be a touch cheaper than Kinsta. The competitors like InMotion Hosting and SiteGround offer comparable results for less expensive (though they aren’t on Google’s Cloud). LiquidWeb does an equivalent for managed WooCommerce websites.

And other secondary competitors like WPMU Dev do bundle cloud hosting with their plugin subscription that’s competitive for agencies/developers.


Two things are pushing back on this disadvantage.

First, Kinsta is super-transparent about its pricing. There are not any add-ons or excluded features like on WP Engine. There are no bit apples to oranges comparisons like you’d find with InMotion or SiteGround, or LiquidWeb.

Two, expensive may be a relative concept to value. Counting on the worth that your website is generating, a couple of hundred dollars may or might not matter. If a couple of hours of downtime or a support misstep can cost you loads or thousands of dollars, then “expensive” is that the wrong metric to seem at.

On the flip side, hosting may be a business cost. Any dollar that you save goes right to your bottom line. If you’re on the fence about several Kinsta’s features or produce other website needs (see Feature bundles below), then Kinsta’s price goes to be an obstacle.

Feature Caps

kinsta server review

Kinsta has some pretty low caps, especially collate to non-cloud competitors. Since they’re working with leased infrastructure, they need to pass along any one of their hosting prices.


If you’ve run a rapidly upgrading website, you’ll know just how instantly visits, storage, and bandwidth needs can escalate. If you’re on Kinsta, you’ll never need to worry about needs taking your website offline. But you’ll need to worry about those needs hitting your bottom line.


In some ways, the project brought indirect revenue with backlinks, brand awareness, etc. But in existing terms, it single-handedly tripled his monthly hosting costs because it blew past every visitor cap, and then the bots and spammers showed up. He’s on an enterprise plan with an equivalent amount of “real” traffic that ought to put him on a basic plan.


Now, that’s an ethical problem to possess. But it’s created decisions that honestly wouldn’t be got to be made if he were employing a Kinsta competitor with a managed VPS or managed WordPress hosting product like InMotion or SiteGround.

Read More :

Several Kinsta’s features are capped at lower levels than you’d expect with their marketing. For instance, believe WooCommerce and membership sites. They recommend PHP Workers who will handle excess queries. Here’s an explainer on how they work. But basically, they assist with the handcart/user roles while the server cache loads the remainder of the page.


For their Starter and Pro plans, Kinsta only provides 2 PHP Workers…which isn’t recommended for e-commerce websites. As compared, InMotion’s cheapest managed WordPress plan comes with a limit of 4 PHP Workers.


Again, many of those limitations come not from Kinsta (they are transparent about all this) but from their product structure, which is the following disadvantage.


Size and Company Structure

Kinsta is a company that is founder-owned and operated. They were boot-strapped with zero investors capitalize but are proliferating. they’re product-focused with a sensible, thoughtful marketing strategy.

They have attention to direct contact with customers and support. they’re remote-first, global, and diverse. People are happy to spend amount with them.


The hosting industry is made the way it’s structured for a reason. And Kinsta is occupation the other direction of the remainder of the sector. Web hosting business is supported by the depreciation of fixed assets and high customer retention. It’s similar in some ways to the physical land industry. Almost every hosting company is far away from pure-play hosting to becoming a hosting “platform” with many amenities.


Since Kinsta leases its armature from Google, they use a completely different business model. They need to possess low overhead costs (i.e., remote-first may be a must), low acquisition costs (i.e., their inbound marketing strategy), low labor costs, and high pricing. Additionally, they’re entirely hooked on Google staying competitive & within the cloud hosting business.


In other words, Kinsta is quite just like the WeWork of the hosting world (in an honest way). Kinsta has avoided most of WeWork’s mistakes. But the core business armature of sub-leasing servers while adding value via convenience, accessibility, and support is complex.

WP Engine made it using investor money to accumulate market share and extensive amenities while building a hybrid data center. But others have failed or are bought – like FlyWheel & Nexcesses. Right now, Kinsta is committed to organic, long-lasting growth. But if you’re trying to find a 5+ year host, I’d pause and appearance around the industry before committing.

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